The major objective of the meeting is to strengthen the cooperation between the research groups from Europe and Asia, but also to contribute to general progress of zeolite science at the international level. This new series of meetings in the field of zeolites and other ordered porous materials will be organized alternatively in Asia and Europe on biannual basis. In order these meetings to be efficient and to avoid interference with the existing respected congresses in this field of materials science, the Euro-Asia Zeolite Conference will be limited to about 120 participants and will take place during the winter season.
The scientific program of the conference covers various fields of microporous zeolite type materials, metal-organic-frameworks (MOFs) and ordered mesoporous materials, with specific focus on the fine tuning of their properties, detailed characterization and new areas of application.
The conference will include invited talks of leading experts in different branches of porous materials science, limited number of oral presentations on hot topics and extended oral sessions reserved for young researchers participation. At the end of the meeting a round-table discussion will give more time for in-depth exchanges between experts and young researchers.

The tentative program of the conference includes 6 plenary lectures, 12 keynote lectures, 12 orals, 12 short orals and two poster sessions.
The topics of the conference will include:

  1. Preparation of porous materials
  2. Modification and characterization
  3. Advanced applications
  4. Catalysis
  5. Computational modelling
  6. Energy & environmental chemistry
  7. Films and membranes
  8. Host-guest chemistry